Friday 15 January 2016

Togetherness is the true essence of our communities – Not Malls

Crafting dreams and creating communities has always been the corner stone of our business model. It’s never about constructing a building; it’s always about great places to live.

We share our customer’s dream and understand their residential and business needs. While buying a house it’s not just the price but an entire gamut of important components that contribute to the decision of buying a property.

In Our projects we have built more than 300 buildings, and we brought these buildings to life understanding the different needs of the community, where each building caters to specific needs like some are residential and some are commercial. We believe in creating a vast blend of activities, we have created a hospital, a school, hotels and leisure destinations with ample green spaces. Horticulture and landscaping is our core and we take pride in the spaces we create.

It is communities that we have built where within the hustle and bustle of the city; public can find a place of their own. This would not be possible if we had built a mall.  Within our communities it’s about shopping by the streets it’s a unique experience that each one has. Therefore, in large cities like New York people love to walk even though it is crowded with pedestrians. Congestion on streets with pedestrians is welcome and happens where there are ample retail, dining and entertainment options available on the street front. What is not welcome is private automobiles if they eat up large road spaces and require huge parking lots which malls necessarily do.

Having a healthy street life also enhances the well being and security of a community.

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