Monday 25 January 2016

How has marketing technology facilitated real estate sector

 In the past decade marketing technologies have changed the way people are viewing  content.  It has given greater access to  information on your fingertips thereby helping in better decision making  and bridging the gap between buyer and the seller.

Owing to higher returns, developers are aggressively sharing project information to potential buyers through the digital medium. It has now become a key aspect of the marketing media plan of all companies. Simulating an actual property in the form of a virtual tour or 360 degree tour is the best thing that can happen to the real estate industry. This technology gives a clear picture of the product to the potential buyer staying far away from the destination of purchase. Such simulation expedites his decision making process, which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

As real estate is an extremely high involvement purchase, customers thrive on the opinion of existing customers or other potential buyers. Today, there are various forums, blogs and social networking sites dedicated to real estate that provide in depth information and help them understand the nuances of the project.

Virtual appointments is another game changer in today’s world which enables sales personnel connect with customers smoothly. Talking to the sales personnel online who actually share their screen and explain the entire project with help of floor plan, unit plan, payment schedules etc has completely transformed the sales process today.  Further usage of graphical images on i-pad and other mobile devices help relationship managers communicate effectively.

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