Wednesday 19 April 2017

Chennai: The Next Real Estate Investment Hub

Chennai’s advancement over the past decade as an industrial hub with the rise of various manufacturing industries has led to the development of a lively real estate market in the city. As per the Mercer Survey 2017 Quality of Living Index, which compares all major cities of India, the one city that has made improvement is Chennai. Once considered a less significant investment opportunity in India, Chennai has steadily emerged as a real estate hub to be reckoned with.

If you’ve been sceptical about investing in Chennai, here are some reasons which could make you reconsider:

Safest City in India:
Chennai has been assessed as one of the safest cities in India, jumping ahead of metros like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. The Mercer Survey finds Chennai to be the safest Indian city with a global rank of 113. Chennai achieved this, based on points for internal stability, lower crime levels and efficient and capable local law enforcement. These factors would go a long way in influencing a potential real estate investor looking to enter a new territory.
Booming Business and Industry Sectors:
Sectors such as IT, the automotive industry and electronic manufacturing industry in Chennai have been constantly growing. Many companies have been investing in the city, which has given rise to employment opportunities, good connectivity and an abundance of housing options. Back in 2013, commercial offices had occupied spaces around 4 million square feet. Most of these occupants were IT/ITES companies that employed around 4.5 lakh people. Four years later, the growth has only been exponential.
Public Transport:
Chennai offers a variety of public transport systems for commuters, making it easy and fast to reach destinations. These diverse transportation systems include the Chennai Metro Rail, Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System, buses, taxis, rickshaws, etc. The government has been making efforts to improve its bus services and routes to ensure hassle free commutes. Also, in a country like India where women’s safety is a huge concern, Chennai is a city which offers safe commute to all.
An efficient and modern transport infrastructure makes any city a preferred choice for investors. With its long-term investment in developing urban transport, Chennai is now a much sought-after investment with long-term potential.
Education and Health Care:
Chennai is known to be one of the best destinations in terms of education in India. There are well reputed educational institutions such as NIFT, IIT and Loyola College. Known to be the ‘Health Capital of India’, Chennai has access to the best health care and medical facilities. Examples of such health care centres are Apollo Hospital, Fortis Malar Hospital, etc., marking Chennai for its quality of life.
As you can see from the above points, with abundant opportunities and thriving development, Chennai has a very bright future as an investment hub.

At House of Hiranandani, Chennai has been an area of focus for a while now. With a number of important developments, like our world class projects on the Old Mahabalipuram Road in Egattur, we have ticked all the boxes for location, luxury offerings and connectivity. In fact, one of our projects at the OMR - the Anchorage - is designed to be the tallest building in Chennai. As a company, we are committed in our focus to develop world-class housing projects in the city of Chennai.


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