Tuesday 7 March 2017

Follow Passion, Find Success

Looking back at my journey, though I had initially started my training in the medical field, destiny led me towards architecture which in turn is what I am today.

In those days (1980s), land was easily available on deferred payment wherein you could put up your signage, start selling and use that money to get approvals and then start constructing. Our first bad experience with one of the initial land proposals that came our way, is where we got to learn of the risks involved in starting anew. Nevertheless we took that risk and started our first project in Versova at a rate of Rs.241 per sq ft.

Since we were always short of capital, we believed in purchasing something that could be available on the above terms and then launch it.  Later we bought this land in Powai where there were multiple land owners which added to the risks though but we still went for it, Powai being a big challenge.  Slowly we assembled this into a large land parcel and started selling it at Rs 450 per sq ft in 1986. In the initial years, we suffered losses in Powai, but the continuous thought in mind that we would definitely profit in the next phase made us accomplish a lot of land in the interim. Post this we started aggregating land in Thane.

I have always done only architecture and construction. Legal, accounting and liaising have been necessary evils. We are better known for our engineering function rather than finance circles as we have never raised money. People who have worked for us always get promoted faster when they go elsewhere. We had huge training programs set up by Anthony Remedios, a Goan [architect] who was passionate about design and architecture.  

For me, at the end of the day, I want my business to be about creativity of design rather than creativity of financing.

Following my passion, I can feel the rewards.


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