Thursday 14 April 2016

How engineering and construction technologies have facilitated real estate industry

The most important aspect of the industry is the tools that are used to build it. Like any other sector the tools of the trade in the real estate industry have evolved. These advancements have been leveraged to build new business in a professional, efficient & effective manner.

Companies like JCB, CAT etc have been investing heavily in research and development to produce world’s toughest, fastest, smallest and fuel efficient construction equipment. Latest backhoe loaders, tracked excavators, wheeled loaders, compactors, drills etc reduce the time and improve the efficiency of construction work which was not possible otherwise.

High rises usually have long gestation period which escalate the cost. Today exciting new technologies have emerged like Jump from ie climbing form. With this the core walls can be completed ahead of the rest of the building structure. The monotonous and engineered nature of form work, allows fine tuning of construction operations which in turn leads to minimal concrete wastage.

Low rise and value homes have been blessed with pre cast technology. In this case various sections of the structure are cast in factories and then assembled on site. This technology thrives on economies of scale and similarity of layouts.  It can achieve almost zero wastage and reduction in the number of highly skilled engineers leading to reduction of cost.

Aluminum formwork technology has helped in constructing huge number of houses in short period of time. It involves using room sized forms to construct wall and slab in one continuous pour of concrete. On removal of bolted forms a high quality concrete semi-finished product is produced which requires no plastering. Such technology requires less labor, provides uniform quality and reduces chances of leakage.

With rapidly increasing GDP of India we can expect engineering & construction technology companies investing more in research and development wing in order to come up with superior products.

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