Thursday 17 August 2017

Cities of Focus: Hyderabad

India is a country that is booming with development from every corner. The country has a total of 4000 cities & towns. However for us, choosing the next city for our real estate project wasn’t very difficult. Rooted in a deep ethnic heritage and captivating historical significance, we zeroed down on ‘Hyderabad’.

Hyderabad during its initial stages had been sparking signs of a global city. Nobody would have imagined the unprecedented growth & development this city was capable of achieving.

     An influx in the IT sector –Since 1990, Hyderabad had seen a number of foreign IT companies entering the city. At that point, there were over 1000 IT and ITeS companies that included major firms such as Google, Dell, Facebook and more. The city boasts of an employment growth rate of 10%. The IT industry has inculcated a high standard of living for the city which has resulted in an increase in world class real estate projects in the city.

     Hyderabad’s Infrastructure– One of the high points of Hyderabad’s infrastructure is its metro. The metro, which is already under construction, will have three phases to create unparalleled connectivity across the city. The metro is scheduled to begin operations by November 2018.Plans to decongest the city’s roadways by projects such as the Outer Ring Road are already underway. It’s a city that foresees the future and is already planning to upgrade the existing roads, adding skywalks and more.

     High Standard of Living– As per the Mercer Survey, Hyderabad is known to have the highest standards of living in India. The survey is based on factors such as crime rate, air pollution and improved options for international and English-speaking educational institutes.

     Emerging Startup Hub– Asa city that encourages enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Hyderabad is witnessing a support system to encourage startups. India’s biggest incubator for startups is in Hyderabad. On the overall the city is promising because of its stable environment and cooperation between the investors, startups and the government.

These are some of the reasons as to why Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It offers the perfect combination of a city immersed in history, and one that embraces development and modernization.

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